Æ’ Fun things to do in Alabama


Fun things to do in Alabama

Alabama is a Gulf Coast state located in the southeastern US. It ranks 30th in total land area and 2nd in the size of its inland waterways. .... Continue reading..

Golfing in Florida

Sunshine state” offers such a plethora of golfing options from recreational to professional that it really is difficult to decide which course to bring your clubs out on..... Continue reading..

Fun things to do in Naples Florida

Naples, Florida is the Gulf Coast’s answer to Palm Beach in that it is a wealthy town and very unafraid to flaunt it. It’s very chic. .... Continue reading..

An Iowa Fall

One of the most beautiful sights to see is the color change in Iowa! with so many different colors and so many ways to enjoy them Iowa is a great vacation place..... Continue reading..

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