Hang Gliding Tips

Hang Gliding Tips

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Hang Gliding Safety Tips - Pre-Flight Glider Test

Walk completely around the glider - check all areas; wirea, bolts, ropes, wing tips, etc. Feel along the leading edge to verify there are no LE mylar bends, check for symmetry. Check pre-flight harness ropes and straps.

Safety Tips For Hang Gliding - Hang Check Routine

Hook into your harness as part of your glider set-up. Verify all harness lines are not twisted. Make sure your harness leg straps are secure. Determine a routine and make sure you run through it every time hang glide. This simple test will ensure your safe while enjoying the fun things to do during hang gliding.

Safety Tips – Straps and Carabineer

Use caution when changing or adjusting your hang straps. Little hang loop changes can affect the flight characteristics on a hang glider. Be sure to use a locked - steel carabineer.

Hang Gliding – Head Gear and Parachutes Safety Tip

Make sure you purcahse a quality helmet and parachute. Re-pack your parachute every year. The money and time you spend up front will save your life in the end.

Hang Gliding Safety Tips – Launching Techniques

Almost all launch issues are due to the glider wing, at the beginning of launch is not properly aligned to the wind. Do not begin launch unless you have balance in roll (even pressure on both wing) and pitch (proper nose angle). This small hang gliding tip will ensure you launch safely while experiencing all the fun things to do hang gliding

Hang Gliding Launching Tip

Always run hard on launch. It’s ok to take a couple initial slow strides, but then run as hard as you can. A slower run launch can cause a wing to stall, the angle of attack change or a wing tip to drag. A lot of launch whacks happen at high altitude, low wind or shallow slopes. Such conditions take excellent launching skills and a strong run with proper glider positioning. Always wear gloves that provide good grip.

Hang Gliding Launch Safety Tips

Never launch into high winds or cross winds. If launching alone and winds are to high to handle your glider alone, consider not launching unless you are very familiar with the area and wire crew. This small hang gliding tip will ensure you launch safely while experiencing all the fun things to do hang gliding.

More Hang Gliding Launch Safety Tips

Get well clear the launch site after take off before turning or working on your harness zipper. You will have pleny of time to get zipped in. Concentrate on getteing some distance between you and the hill.

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