Skydiving FAQs

Skydiving FAQs

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Will I be scared?

Whenever trying something new there is fear of the unknown. Everyone will experience some fear during the course of learning. While the first jump may be the most scary for you, it might be more scary the fifth or fiftieth time for someone else. When you face your fear and control it you will start to relax more and enjoy the adventure of skydiving! Its all a part of the adrenaline rush you get from it!

Where can I go to find info on Skydiving?

Your in luck! Your at the right website! has the most complete list of Skydiving locations in the nation. Also, your opinion counts. Please contact us back after your adventure to place a testimonial on your experience (good or bad).

Our number one goal is to help other action seeking individuals like ourselves get their FunFix. Please search our site to discover all the fun things to do while Skydiving.

How much does skydiving usually cost?

Prices vary depending on type of first jump and location. Tandem jumps typically range from $190-260. Most drop zones offer video and/or photos for an additional cost. Contact your local drop zone to get rates.

How old do you need to be to skydive?

At least 16 years old with notarized parental or guardian consent. However, its pretty common for skydiving schools to require a minimum age of 18

what are the physical requirements?

All potential skydivers should be in good health and should not be on medication which could affect jumpers judgment or performance. Before scheduling a skydiving jump, check with the local skydive company for weight requirements.

What should I wear skydiving?

The recommended skydiving attire is comfortable clothing for the weather on the ground. Be sure to wear tennis shoes or shoes without hooks. Skydiving students are oftentimes outfitted in jump suits which are worn over the clothing. Skydiving equipment is provided by your local skydiving company.

How fast is the free fall?

Your skydiving free fall should be around 110 mph or approximately 1,000 feet for every six seconds of free fall.

How long is the free fall?

The skydiving free fall is for approximately 45-60 seconds, Your parachute should open between 3,000 and 5,000 feet.

Is packing the parachute difficult?

On your first few initial skydives you will not be required or expected to pack parachutes for your skydives. It is a simple procedure which is taught as the course progresses so you will be well versed in all aspects of skydiving.

Are the landings hard?

Skydiving landings are never hard with the use of the latest ram air canopies! Even the larger skydiving guys land like they are falling into a pile of feathers.

After opening is it easy to find the landing zone and fly the parachute to land in the target area?

Until your confident and able to land and fly yourself, you are instructed in exactly what to do and are given a mounted radio, which enables us to talk you down.

What if I do not open the parachute?

To open your parachute is very simple really. Take the toggle attached to the pilot chute and throw it into the airflow, the chute then opens in sequence. If your altitude awareness was lost you would be guided through hand signals telling you to open the chute and if there was no response we would open it for you. Parachutes are also fitted with a automatic activation devices which when all else fails will open the parachute for you.

How does free fall feel?

Free falling feels much like you are falling on an air cushion, but feeling buoyant similar to being in the water but with a more exciting and adventurous adrenaline filled thrill!!

What are the benefits of AFF over other training methods?

The benefits of Accelerated Free Fall over other training methods is that with the longer free fall time, it gives you the ability to practice your free fall techniques. The ability of using hand signals to position your body and adjust it as needed are also able to be taught in AFF giving you a better end result!

What is Accelerated Free Fall?

The quickest method of becoming a accomplished and qualified skydiver is Accelerated Free Fall. This way of learning is the easiest as you have approximately 50 seconds of free fall on every jump that is guided but the expert instructors. It it more cost effective and much more fun than the static line method.

What is Tandem Skydiving?

Tandem Skydiving is a dual person jump with the instructor harnessed to you for the whole skydiving experience. It takes very minimal instruction as the instructor does most of the work to ensure your safety.

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